Sunday, April 3, 2011


Movie Plot
KALUNG JAILANGKUNG is the new Indonesia movie who tells about Kiki and some of his friends to fill a vacation to a village where they are free to play anything there, swim in the river, keep the buffalo etc. But one day, Kiki et Jailangkung play in an old building. Amid the main preoccupation jalangkung, Jalangkung suddenly twitched as he voiced loud and mention that his name Yanti have been murdered by her boyfriend who is not responsible for her pregnancy.

Panic and fear, they fled leaving the old building and the road trip back to the inn, his friends scare Kiki with the Jalangkung accident, they ran and left Kiki alone, Kiki eventually lost to a cemetery. There Kiki finds a necklace, then Kiki using the necklace.

Movie Info
Director......... : Koya Pagayo
Writer........... : Ule Sulaeman
Genre............ : Horror, Comedy, Crime
Release.......... : 2 Februari 2011 (Indonesia)
Cast............. : Zaky Zimah , Soraya Larasati , Rozi Mahally , Remon , Munajat Raditia

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