Sunday, January 16, 2011

ANAKLUH (2010)

Movie Plot
A story taken from a novel titled "Anakluh faced Earth" by Eduart Pesta Sirait

Revolves around the figure of a single parent, Idayu, young, beautiful, smart, interesting. Having two beautiful daughters Mira (23) and Kirei. One day at a concert in JHCC, Idayu met with Nando. From the next meeting with Nando who accidentally Anyway, eventually they found a match in many ways

Openness of communication between Idayu, Mira, Kirei and Nando is very good. Mira began to feel comfortable every discussion and chat with Nando. Mira's like having a companion, friend, as well as a father. Mira Nando admired figure. Clandestinely, she began to find out the figure of Nando. and even daring to meet Nando Mira started in the cafeteria office. And. Mira fell in love with Nando, beloved mother

One night, Mira come clean on Idayu that he had fallen in love with Nando. Until one day Idayu decided relented, leaving Jakarta, chose to work and settle in Bali. Nando who feel failed to hold Idayu certainly hurt and become angry with himself, because he loved Idayu

There was seven full moon has passed Idayu with solitude, in Bali. And that night, Idayu was tasked to meet with clients in Jakarta. Idayu course very happy, because Idayu could well surprise on the Mira, Kirei, and Nando. His arrival in Jakarta this time presents many surprises for Idayu. What surprise? Who will be choosed by Nando, Idayu or Mira?

Movie Info
Director............ : Eduart Pesta Sirait
Production......... :Bomb Creative Production
Genere........... : Drama
Cast............... : Rizky Hanggono, Shara Aryo, Masayu Clara, Suci Winata

Movie Trailer

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