Monday, December 13, 2010

Deep in the jungle (2008) | Thailand Mystery Movie


Movie Synopsis

Deep in the jungle is the special movie who tells about forces sniper is forced to go rogue in order to protect a mysterious hilltribe woman being sought by a black-ops officer. Jin, a young woman who Nawin once saved from a brutal attack is undergoing a strange transformation within her body as her blood circulates through mutation. This transformation on Jin, is what Nawin believes the International forces are after. The half breed mix between animal and human.

Movie Info
Title.......... : Deep in the jungle
Director...... : Teerawat Rujintham
Writer........ : Teerawat Rujintham
Genre........ : Mystery | Romance
Release....... : December 31, 2008

Movie Cast
Jesadaporn Pholdee as Win
Ploy Jindachote as Jin
Sakda Keawbuadee as Jaiy
Pasin Ruengwut as Manut

Movie Download
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