Thursday, December 23, 2010

All About Love (2010) - Chinese Movie

Release Date : 2010
Country : Hong Kong
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle(s): English
Synopsis: "All About Love" depicts the lives of two early 40s women Macy (Sandra Ng) & (Vivian Chow) Anita, who were once lovers. The women cross paths again when they both of them attend a counseling service for pregnant mothers.

Macy is a lawyer who is pregnant with the child of a married man (Eddie Cheung). Anita is a bank clerk who is carrying the child of a teenager named Mike (William Chan). Both of the woman are carrying babies from one night flings. Will the two woman reunite?
Genre : Comedy | Romance
Cast : Sandra Ng, Vivian Chow, Siu-Fai Cheung, Jo Kuk, Yee-Man Man, Queenie Chu, Yik-Man Fan, Fung Bo-Bo, Raven Hanson, Serina Ha, Eman Lam, Rick Lau, Tina Lau, Jayson Li
Also Known As : Duk haan chau faan

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